Gnarl Route is open!  Abeni is incoming (after I write it OTL), but now Valerian and Gnarl are on the same level of completion.

I'm kind of looking for opinions at this point as to how I should proceed with packaging the rest of it. Because up to Day 01 is going to be the demo because at the very least I definitely need to separate the individual routes. This is too many windows for me to keep track of and organise so doing the full story in one window would be hell. That being said, I have a few options:

- individual routes available for download as one file: this is the easiest to handle with regards to variables, because I wouldn't have to recall things like name, gender, or any other details repeatedly between sections.
- individual routes with chapters sectioned off (potentially in another download; like give each LI their own game page that links back to the demo): this would be best for organisation because no one part would get overwhelmingly large, but present problems with remembering variables between stories
- find a different, more accomodating game engine; complicated, as I'm still text-only because ya boi can't draw

If you have an opinion let me know how you feel !! Or better yet, a suggestion for a game engine that would be a little more efficient. I love Twine but projects this big? I'm either gunna have to integrate a sidebar for you guys so you can save whenever, and I will go insane trying to handle these windows.


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Mar 24, 2018

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