Every year, you attend the Harvest Festival thrown in the manor on the hill; this year promises to be a little different. With the help of a companion of your choice, you will navigate a gauntlet of intrigue, enemies, and flame to save yourself and the people you care about. Choose between the charismatic gang boss, the lighthearted Fleet Commander, and your mischievous childhood friend, and embark upon a mission to find out what went wrong on Manor Hill.

Due to the medium (Twine) your save games are stored by your browser. For reference, and keeping in mind my entire understanding is based on my Chrome usage, that means that clearing your cache will also clear your saves. Unfortunately, unless I'm just searching the wrong thing, this is unavoidable. If you know otherwise, feel free to let me know but until then: be careful. Also know that saves are held by the individual browser, so even having progress saved for sure in Chrome will not make it appear in Firefox.


* And that puts us at all three routes done up until Day 01, with Abeni's route being the newest release !! Wordcount is at 35188, romance is in the air, and we are set to enter stage two.

* Stage two is where I change some shit to make writing 1) easier on me (imperative as working at the Money Job takes up So Much Of My Time And Energy because it's retail and it's tiring and eats up about a minimum 6 hours of my day), 2) better for all of you because it allows me to do neat things that aren't purely textual.

* So I'm going to make the move to Ren'py. Visually there won't be an enormous difference as I sunk all my skill points into being able to write and woefully neglected the "being able to draw" skill tree; still, I'm planning to add a few visuals just to give everyone something to look at. I have proof of concept going, but the ETA is a big shrug because of work stuff and needing to work out some stuff from the transition (ie, I need to figure out a way to ask you to reset variables that isn't weird; a second "what's your name" situation).

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Published Oct 07, 2017
GenreRole Playing, Interactive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsAction RPG, Dating Sim, Episodic, Romance, Text based, Twine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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I wasn't expecting to like Abeni as much as I did, but she's fantastic! Really enjoyed her route. You've created such a lovely cast of characters. They're all interesting and memorable.  There's so much I like about your game, but I don't want to ramble.

My page is a pro-ramble zone so no worries either way !! Thank-you so much for taking the time to comment, and I'm glad you liked everyone !!

I'd leave a heart here, but Albeni took it away. Third route and it's unlike other two. And *spoiler* was wonderful. And *spoiler* story is wonderful. I'm stuck on "wonderful", sorry. Thank you for your game. I love it so much.

<3 <3 <3 I'm relieved that you like her tbh, her route was the hardest to get through writing-wise !!


I think you meant "lapse".

No I meant laspe.

 Hello! I just want to say that your writing is awesome. I read Manor Hill a while ago, and have been quietly following since then. The characters are unique and delightful, and the story is interesting. I was really happy to see more of Gnarl with this recent update! I enjoy the dialogue between the player character and them. It's very fun and warm.

<3 I'm glad you liked the dialogue !! And that you've been enjoying the game <3 !!

GNARL IS HERE!!! i love them so much already! i really enjoyed the closeness you cultivated between the reader and gnarl, it felt so natural ;____; im so excited to see where the story goes with them (and valerian, i didnt get to comment when the last update came out but i loved it too). cant wait for abeni next!!! i know she'll steal my heart away like the other two did <3

Ah this cheered me up a lot :') I'm glad you liked both of them (and really glad that Gnarl didn't come on too strong).

This is so beautiful. I loved Valerian route and now we have Gnarl and I can't say which one is better. They both are unique and decent. Love them, love the game. And sincerely waiting for commander. =)

I'm so happy you said so :') I was kind of self-conscious, worried that people wouldn't like Gnarl as much as Valerian. Thank-you !!

i created an account so i could find and save this game oml 

i cannot wait for the update!!! im so excited! (p.s valerian is the love of my life thanks okay bye) 

That's so sweet !! Thank-you !! I'm glad you're liking it, and Valerian !!!

(1 edit)

This was such a wonderful gem to find! You have such a strength for writing character interactions. Will definitely be looking forward to updates <3

I'm so psyched you like it !! The positivity gave me the willpower to make it through the rest of my day !!

Aw, I'm happy to hear that! I'm cheering for you!! \o/

i created an account just to tell u how much i loved this and how excited i am to see the rest, also as soon as valerian was introduced i was like "oh no hes my type" and i was instantly drawn in. im really excited to see the whole thing tho!!! abeni and gnarl are super cute and id love to see where the story goes with them!!!

Yay !!! I'm glad you like it and super flattered you made the account to tell me so !!! Thank-you !!!!

This is super cool and fun?? I'm excited for this. My twin showed me this with such enthusiasm and I have to say, well warranted. I love how you characterized your people, how different they are, and it's just really immersive. I was surprised that I got dragged into it so fast that I was almost startled when it ended. Keep up the hella good work dude, I'll be watching for this!!

I'm super excited you took the time to comment !! I wish I could update faster without real life bugging me constantly, all the time, but it really makes me happy that people are still looking at it regardless of my snail pace !! Thank-you !!

Hey, the more time you spend on it, the more you get to think of fun ideas! And I'm glad, because this is just so vivid and detailed. I can't commend your writing enough, especially for the amount of work and effort it takes to do a multi path story. It's consistently good and I hope you continue, even if life is bugging you. (We all get bothered by it. Don't worry, people will flock to quality no matter the time it takes.)

Why can't I choose Commander Abeni as my favorite? I fell in love with her instantly.

Unfortunately you can't choose her because I am only one man and can only do so much writing at once. She's next in line but I had to rework production to do one route at a time because I'm operating around working on a visual novel and a 30+ hour a week job. I'm glad you liked her though !! She's super fun to write.

Okay! I understand that it can be hard to make games do certain things.

It's a long process but she's definitely coming!

Hey, I don't want to sound like a douche, but I saw the update and was like, "Oh shit! Is Abeni finally a choice?" And I played, and she wasn't, which made me sad, and I would really like it if you added her in as a choice for the next update.

Still working a lot, friend. I was considering slowly catching the other two up to where Valerian is now but if I don't, that's entirely my call because 35+ hours a week is a lot of hours and if I'm not feeling up to writing something I'm not gunna half ass it just to have something out.

Finally got around to playing this, and I've got to say, I'm in love with Valerian. The game is great and I can't wait until you continue it! I hope you enjoy the holidays!

I'm glad you like him !! Christmas retail is kicking my ass but I'm working away !! Happy holidays to you too !!

This game rocks! I mean it hooked me from "hmm, let's see what this is" to "GOD. MY. OH. WHAT'S NEXT?!!" in a few minutes from the start. And on my way from sheer interest to countinuation hunger I laughted, counted my pulse, cried through laughing and found myself forgetting to breathe at times some gang bosses hanging over my lady...

Also, found my new line for life till the end of the year. Onward towards the drinks! xD

AH I can't believe I missed this I need to check my email preferences. Thank you so much !!

hey, just wanted to say that i'm super loving this so far!

<3 I'm glad !!