Every year, you attend the Harvest Festival thrown in the manor on the hill; this year promises to be a little different. With the help of a companion of your choice, you will navigate a gauntlet of intrigue, enemies, and flame to save yourself and the people you care about. Choose between the charismatic gang boss, the lighthearted Fleet Commander, and your mischievous childhood friend, and embark upon a mission to find out what went wrong on Manor Hill.

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This game rocks! I mean it hooked me from "hmm, let's see what this is" to "GOD. MY. OH. WHAT'S NEXT?!!" in a few minutes from the start. And on my way from sheer interest to countinuation hunger I laughted, counted my pulse, cried through laughing and found myself forgetting to breathe at times some gang bosses hanging over my lady...

Also, found my new line for life till the end of the year. Onward towards the drinks! xD

hey, just wanted to say that i'm super loving this so far!

<3 I'm glad !!